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Vol 5 No 2 (2021): Jurnal Manajemen Pelayanan Hotel

• ISSN: 2614-5510 (print)
• ISSN: 2655-8173 (online)
• ISSN Decree Number (LIPI): 0005.26145510/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2018.01 (print)
• ISSN Decree Number (LIPI): 0005.26558173/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2019.01 (online)
• Regulatory chief (LIPI): No. 06/E/2013 tentang Kode Etika Peneliti
•National Accreditation Decree Number: 200/M/KPT/2020 from Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency Republic of Indonesia and  Valid for five years from Volume 1 Number 2, 2019

JMPH is a journal that publishes results of tourism and hotel studies researches. All articles in JMPH have passed reviewing process by peer reviewers and edited by editors. JMPH is published by Akademi Komunitas Manajemen Perhotelan Indonesia twice a year, June and December.

JMPH consists of recent issues and reviews on studies that support hotel service and management as well as hotel operations, tourism, food and beverage product, food and beverage service, hotel accommodation, business, management & operation, and current issues that related to the Tourism & Sustainability in the society.

JMPH was first published in Badung in 2017, by Akademi Komunitas Manajemen Perhotelan Indonesia. By 2019, JMPH has started to publish in electronic version. Since the electronic version should refer to the printed version and following the official document SK 0005.26145510/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2018.01 dated January 25th, 2018 stating that p-ISSN number: 2614-5510 printed version of JMPH. In 2019 the electronic version began to use and obtained e-ISSN number: 2655-8173.

JMPH accepts submissions of original articles that have not been published elsewhere nor being considered or processed for publication anywhere, and demonstrate no plagiarism whatsoever. The prerequisites, standards, and format of the manuscript are listed in the author guidelines and templates. Any accepted manuscript will be reviewed by at least two referees. Authors should follow throughout the whole process including article submission, review and editing process, and publication.

Published: 2022-02-25
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